My Blue Sparrow Blog Beginnings……

Welcome to My Blue Sparrow – a place where Parents can get resources and honest discussions on topics related to Transitioning teens to the world of college and work as well as some personal stories about raising a child with special needs and all of the unique challenges that brings to our lives.

People often ask me “What does mybluesparrow mean and what does it have to do with parenting a child with special needs or transitioning them off to college or work?” Well, first of all, sparrows are unique birds with a nurturing spirit and secondly, blue is my favorite color.  Sparrows and all other bird species have in common the challenge of finding a safe place to hatch their eggs and raise their young to the point of independence. Birds invest a lot of time and energy in building complex, intricate and and creative little homes for their young.520324354_1d26b51ab5_z

But “in time all birds must leave the nest – provided they have survived the many dangers of home life. There is a great deal of variation in how independent the young are once they hatch from the egg.” http://www.pbs.org/lifeofbirds/home/index.html

Much like the sparrows we as humans invest a lot of time and energy in creating a nest to raise our own “baby birds”  to be independent and lead happy lives. But there are many challenges for us parents as we try to maneuver this complicated world filled with many “dangers” and our children’s own unique gifts, barriers and possible disabilities to deal with or overcome. Some are more ready than others to fly the nest at high school graduation and each has their own unique path ahead of them.

Join me on this journey to finding that unique path for our bluesparrows!


Photo: flickriver.com